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Caravan repairs

Sarah&Chris would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our customers new and old

Owner check list and maintenance

Throughout the year there are jobs to be done to keep your vehicle in good condition. What you can attempt depends on your level of expertise and tools, but most users can and should tackle the following check items if not the subsequent remedial work that may be revealed.

Check the following:

  1. Road lights and electrical connections between car and caravan
  2. Tyre condition and pressures, including the spare. Consider replacing any tyre more than five years old and certainly any over seven years of age regardless of tread wear
  3. Wheel nut tightness (50 miles after servicing or wheel removal and before every trip). Keep a good torque wrench in the ’van
  4. Greasing of the coupling head, if it does not have a stabiliser hitch
  5. Condition of breakaway cable and clip
  6. Visual condition of flexible gas hoses and regulator connections
  7. Flame colour from cooker and gas appliances. The flame should stay blue. If yellow flames appear, consult our workshop on 01773 513 823
  8. 12N, 12S (7-pin) or 13-pin connection cables, plugs and sockets for signs of wear or looseness. Clean contacts if necessary
  9. The RCD cut-out test switch works. Check this every time you connect to a hook-up point
  10. Ventilation and gas drop-out vents to ensure they are not obscured by items carried in lockers
  11. The stabiliser friction pads wear indicator on the hitch if a stabiliser hitch head is fitted. If necessary replace according to the maker’s instructions.
  12. If during the year any item stops working, try to attend to it as soon as possible. At least check that further problems are not being caused, such as with a water leak. If it is an electrical item, check and replace the appropriate fuse, but if it blows again immediately then you must have the electrical system checked over professionally. If a gas leak develops (you will smell it) evacuate the caravan, switch off the valve at the gas cylinder, keep clear and seek help.

Over 20 years of experience in caravan and motorhome repair

Established in 2010, yet with over 20 years of experience in caravan repairs, S&C Caravan Services has been successfully run by Sarah Broadhurst and Chris Hale.

Our workshop is located in Prospect Court, Ripley and offers a comprehensive range of caravan and motorhome repair services. Taking care of our customers' needs has always been our number one priority, leading to the high standard of our repairing performance.

The high quality of our service reflects in the fact that we are approved by Alko and Truma, Thetford, Alde & BPW, the leading suppliers of products to the European and UK caravan industry.

Our caravan repair services include:

• Caravan Full Servicing
• Motorhome Habitation Servicing
• Caravan/Motorhome Gas System Testing
• Caravan Chassis Servicing Including Brakes
• Damp repair specialist 

What more can you expect from our caravan repair services?

• 12-Month warranty on our damp repairs
• Competitive prices
• Friendly and polite approach
• Fast and flexible service across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

For fast and friendly caravan repairs call S&C Caravan Services now on
01773 513 823 and speak to sarah
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